Tuesday, 2 December 2014

City canals cash

The London canals have been given £50,000 for improvements to the structure and facilities. What would you spend it on. Mooring rings? Elsan? Lighting? Bat boxes? Oil disposal? Dredging? Cleaning? Showers? SHOWERS? feck off!


Anonymous said...

Boaters fascilities and mooring rings, as much of the edgeing is concrete.
Fifty thousand won't go far though, will it.
What are your sugestions Maffi?
nb Oakfield

Anonymous said...

How about further cycleway improvements?? After all boaters cycle too!!....I'll get me coat

Maffi said...

I don't know I am not there, but I hope they don't waste it. Building a couple of showers could be expensive. Most of the people who will use them have bought boats that are not suitable for living on. Were they brick and mortar the councils would condemn them.