Thursday, 18 December 2014

Gearbox and Drive plate

I returned to Braunston on the 27th of November. I came back here because the clutch in the box was shot So I need to have have my Gear Box removed taken for repair and then refitted. It took a while for RCR to come get the gearbox out 5 of December. I was hoping to have it back in the following Friday 12 but they came on Monday 15.

Well the plan was to also change the drive plate at the same time because it appeared worn, but on Monday I was told the drive plate didn’t need changing after all. Now my engine has done nearly 10,000 hours and I really didn’t fancy having the gear box out again in a couple of months time so we sourced a new drive plate to fit. However the engineer can’t come till this morning 18 December so I have been sitting here in Braunston for three weeks waiting, waiting, waiting.

All the while it was me who had to keep phoning them to find out what was happening.


Les Biggs said...

Assuming you have parts replacement is the excess£50 on each item.

I did hear of someone that RCR would not do the driveplate because it hadn`t actually gone although their engineer said it was on the way out.

So wondering if they did it for you under the parts cover.

Personally have had good dealings with RCR.

Maffi said...

Its odd Les. If they tell you its on the way out and you don't change the drive plate then you cant call them out when it does go. However the engineer said it was just about knackered but a second engineer said it wasn't. So I bought one and the eng fitted it anyway.