Wednesday, 3 December 2014

I dont care….

….whose boat this is. This is not about who, but what. This was taken outside a London Tesco Store. This is totally unacceptable and does nothing but bring boaters into disrepute. Two things: there are plenty of bollards, DSCF1982and it is bad practice to use a centre line to moor a boat. In flood conditions a tied centre line can roll a boat on its side. Centre lines are for handling a boat. If you don’t  believe me ask BMF RYA & CRT! DSCF1983 ARRRRGGGHHHHH!


KevinTOO said...

Please forgive this off-topic post...


Anonymous said...

It would have been easier for this boater to use the bollards provided. That is if he knew how to tie the ropes properly instead of creating 'birds nests' with them!
nb Oakfield