Tuesday, 16 December 2014


I am all in favour of protecting rare species of plants at sites around the country. However when people are building sites especially to become  SSSIs then I think we have to draw the line.

It is not acceptable to dredge a section of the Grantham Canal at a cost of £179,000 to promote the growth or a rare ‘pond’ plant that isn’t even growing in the canal yet. Why not plant it in a …………. pond?

CRT are dredging the Grantham Canal between Harby and Redmile so that plants that are being propagated by college students at Brooksby Melton College, can planted in the spring once the dredging work has been completed.

When the Grantham Canal opens (if it ever does) these people will want to control or even prevent boats going down the line.

How fecking stupid can CRT be!

I have a vision from this of Ninja Nature Terrorists sneaking out in the black of night planting rare plants to justify their own existence. I suppose the more rare plants these people sneak into the environment the bigger their budget gets.


Naughty-Cal said...

A group of us have already complained about this to our local waterways office. Apparently CRT have no money spare to dredge the navigable waterways but low and behold they can find money to dredge for plants :(

Maffi said...

I think we need to complain to the college also.

John said...

Hi Maffi,

Whilst on the face of it this does sound daft, I think there is a bit more to it.

Firstly the section of canal concerned is already a SSSI so C&RT are not creating a new one.

Secondly C&RT are not paying the whole cost; £100k is being paid by Veolia and another £10k by Melton BC.

Okay that still leaves £69k being paid by C&RT, but my guess is that unless C&RT agreed to pay some costs then no dredging at all would be done. At least this way just over 3.5 miles of canal are dredged for only 39% of the full cost.

I don't know how close this section of the canal is to being opened, but by dredging it now (and getting the majority of the cost paid by others) it is something that will not have to be paid for when the canal is eventually opened (assuming that is before it silts up again).


Anonymous said...

Totally agree, Maffi. Are plants to take priority over boaters who would like to continuously cruise, but find some canals too shallow to moor on?
nb Oakfield