Friday, 30 January 2015

Get off your phone!

I have been in Atherstone for a few days. Up until now I have seen four people driving whilst using their phone. One of whom I was able to tell from the pavement to get off his phone. But this evening No 5 took the biscuit. A girl driving X723FLB had just pulled out of a driveway turning right across the road onto the bridge over the canal where I was walking, there was no pavement. I gesticulated and shouted to get off the phone. She gobbed off back at me so as she passed  I slapped the back of her car. This of course was designed to get her to stop so I could get her number, I wasn’t wearing my glasses.

Of course I was in the wrong in her eyes, I touched her car! She insisted I was in no danger, which all criminals would say wouldn’t they. After I called her all the bitches under the sun she eventually drove off.

Now I am sure we all sighed a breath of relief when a law was introduced to outlaw using a mobile phone whilst driving a car didn’t we? Well it is an empty law. If you are involved in an RTI whilst you are using your phone you can get nicked. If a police Officer sees you on the phone while you are driving then he can give you a ticket and you get three points on your licence. However if a member of the public reports someone for using a phone while they are driving there is nothing they can do. Now in Atherstone there is no Police Station. The nearest is in Nuneaton 5 miles away. How are they going to see someone driving and using the phone from 5 miles away!

I think next time I slap a car I might just take a dive.


KevinTOO said...

Good grief Maffi she was driving a Peugeot 206 AND using her mobile!

Indeed she should be shameful on two accounts ;)

Anyway the car would have fallen apart if she had hit you with it!! LOL

Mike Griffin said...

I quite often see drivers of heavy lorries using mobiles-- pleased to see the police have introduced an unmarked artic to try and monitor this problem on motorways.
Sadly the ones I see are leaving the local Sainsbury store and are negotiating a roundabout.

Keep up the good work.

Mike Griffin.

Andrew Tidy said...

I get really worked up about it - its reckless and dangerous to all and sundry. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Please be careful ! You may just say something to the wrong person and they may just run you over ! We can't lose the Maffi just yet x

Robert Hawkins said...

As a biker I too feel that the phone ban isn't pursued with the vigor it could be.
I was on a police "Ride to Arrive" course a few years ago and the copper riding with us took off after a woman in a Chelsea tractor that came past us, on the phone. He did issue a ticket.