Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Oh really!

There are a few of these signs at Alvecote along the towpath. I only have one question:- Hundreds of dogs every year crap on the towpath and their owners don’t pick up, why are CRT picking on the odd chap or chapess who would rather pee in the hedge than piss in their pants (there are no toilets and when you have to go, you have to go).



John said...

What's wrong with 'going' before you leave the house/pub etc?

The lack of a public convenience is no excuse, if you think you might need to urinate before you get back to your boat/house then don't drink so much.

Urinating in public is disgusting and there is no excuse for it.

And please don't trot out the 'illness' excuse - that sign is aimed at people who have no reason other than laziness for urinating in public. I would say they are no better than animals, but that would be unfair on animals.

Nev Wells said...

How sad that this is an issue for some. I quite enjoy a pee in the open, saves on the cassette and does no harm.... I always check I am not going to offend or make another bloke jealous!

Maffi said...

If they can monitor people peeing why cant they monitor dogs shitting and owners leaving it for us to tread in.

Paul and El said...

I have filled a few locks in my time, cant leave the helm and all that....

Anonymous said...

Come on Maffi, most responsible dog owners pick up their dog shit and then hang it in the bushes or trees out of harms way so people like yourself dont have to tread in it.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with peeing discretely behind a bush if you are taken short, especially in this freezing cold weather!
As Maffi says John, there are no public conveniences along the canal towpaths and sometimes it is quite a long walk back to our boats.
I like Nev and Paul's witty comments though!
Ann nb Oakfield

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know how they intend to monitor these situations wouldn't it?
I visualise them posting lookouts every night around all pubs along the canals,lol.
Of course they would have to be armed with cameras to prove their point too.
It's all so dericulous.
Ann nb Oakfield