Saturday, 24 January 2015


You can trust a politician every time he opens his mouth, to tell the people what they really want, to be telling a lie.  A politicians primary purpose is self first. If he is not getting something out of it now, he will!

The only known decent man in the house is Dennis Skinner, who takes the average wage of his constituents from his Parliamentry salary and donates the rest to charity, Jolly decent chap.

I see another Kinnock is joining the fold. Son of bald ginger twat and his sponging missus.

Question: How will this son of privilege ever understand the people he wants to represent. Answer: he never will he doesn’t want to represent them he just wants the money!

The Kinnocks are a family of benefit scroungers.  Kinnock senior Is a failed party leader. His wife has taken more out of the EU purse than her husband (millions) and the son has been on the band wagon since birth!

Keep it in the family cant go wrong!

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