Saturday, 17 January 2015

The EU what?

The EU is considering banning Islamaphobia. Not one of their best plans. In fact not a good plan at all. Stopping people from having and voicing an opinion on Islam will allow Islam to do as they please without recourse to any checks and balances.

I fail to see why, if Islam is so good, that the 50 or so Islamic Republics around the world are so fucked up. They are the most repressed people in the world, live in conditions we would never tolerate and are subject to corporal and capital punishment on a whim.

If People want an Islamic way of life it is there for the taking all they have to do is relocate to an Islamic Republic, but they wont because the life in IRs is shit! People like Anjem Choudary would just be an ordinary little nobody were he in an IR. The freedom of speech which he exercises here, whilst renouncing free speech for Moslems, would be barred to him elsewhere.

Ban Islamaphobia? Well the easiest way to do that is to ban Islam. No Islam, no Islamaphobia!

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Malcolm said...

I'm not surprised, but if all these left wing, we're all brothers under the sun types were to live in an IR for a while as we did, I think it would alter their perspective.

'A phobia is a persistent fear of something disproportional to the actual danger posed, often being recognized as irrational.'

It's neither disproportionate, nor irrational and as it's a mental condition it can't be banned!