Thursday, 19 March 2015

Collision course!!!!!!!!

I travelled the Cudworth flight, and arrived at Fazeley Junction to moor our side the old mill. 

As I put the boat into reverse, to come alongside it went forward faster and nearly parked on the towpath. I switched off the engine and it was only by jumping off and flicking a centre line around a bollard that I managed to avoid a collision with the bridge. This method of stopping a boat is only for use in extreme circumstances. It is surprising how far over a boat will heel.

The problem was that the boat was staying in forward gear. Once tied up I looked at the controls and found the gear selector cable had become detached from the Morse controller. I remember the engineer having a bit of a problem when he changed the cable back in November. Anyway I just happened to have a circlip to hand and duly fitted the gear cable. In no time at all the cable was fixed and I was off to the chip shop. Result!

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