Thursday, 26 March 2015

Do what!!!

Last Sunday I walked with Molly down the road from the Elephant & Castle into the ‘village’. There is a One-Stop and a Chippy. On through the housing estates and eventually I found myself at The Greyhound where I had a lunchtime pint and and chatted to Caroline a photographer.

On my way I observed this patch of grass between two houses. Its nowhere special.DSCF2649The leaves have been allowed to lay on the grass too long in places causing bare patches. There is a bit of litter, not much, and dare I say the dogs have left their mark.

What is surprising is the sign . DSCF2648 What kind of a council would fine a kid £500 for playing footy on a patch of grass. Vehicles I can understand maybe even cycles, but ball games! And worse still they have a law! We live in a world where faceless bureaucrats make laws against kids having fun! Where will it end!

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bohica said...

Hi Maffi,
West Midlands County Council ceased to exist many years ago...

Surprising that the sign's still there.....