Thursday, 12 March 2015

Down the weed hatch!

I left Wolverhampton around 10ish and made my way to the New Mainline. I have been to Brum three times before today and have always used the Old Line so the NML looked interesting. A chap stepped out onto the towpath and said, “You look to be having a better day than I am”. Bloody bastard! I had nearly got to Spon Lane Bridge when I stopped to pick up a couple of dozen bottles of the old toll house island.

I heard the dreaded stalling as the prop picked up some rubbish. Opening up the weed hatch I was surprised that hatch was full I couldn’t get my boat hook down past the fouling.

I had to take this off the prop……DSCF2532 …..but before I could take that off, I had to take this off first.DSCF2533

That’s a 9 foot boat hook for comparison. There is about 80 feet of it 1 3/4 inches in diameter. It was industrial heavy duty 3 core and the smaller stuff was the quadrant that made the filler. Needless to say the copper cores had gone. It took about an hour and a half laid on my chest. Fortunately  I was able to hook the ends out from under the boat and slowly unknot it.

I blame the bloke on the towpath!

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Anonymous said...

Ah, but the Guiness will taste superb tonight after that trauma.
Better boating tomorrow,
nb Paneke