Saturday, 28 March 2015

Fast food and bad service.

There I was in a well known fast food outlet. I had sat to ‘enjoy your  meal sir’ (I am not daft enough to believe this is a meal, its a hole filler). Any way a chap walked in with his bicycle. This is an odd thing to do, but it was a very expensive machine disc brakes and everything!

“Sorry sir you cant bring that in ‘ere,” said a 300 pound security guard.

“Sorry,” said the chap, “but I didn’t bring my lock,”

“You still can’t bring that in ‘ere.”

“It might get nicked outside.”

“Leave it outside the door.”

Now the security guy probably couldn’t have done anything to stop the chap if he chose to keep the bike with him. He was six foot seventeen, that was his thigh size.

Just thinking about running after a perp would have probably caused a severe bout of sitting down exhausted. I would hazard a guess he doesn’t have a direct visual relationship with his man bits and hasn’t for many years.

The chap took his bike outside and  watched painfully while waiting for the security guard’s doppelganger behind the counter to serve him.

The Security guy stood against a wall looking inwards paying no attention to the chaps bike.

Security people need to do a course on customer service. What man mountain should have done, given that it was a slack time, is to wait outside or very near the door being a guardian angel. But no after he stood for a bit he himself went to the counter  and ordered his lunch. The last thing he needed, at this point in time, was a Maccie D. A bottle of water would have done him more good!


Henhouse said...

I feel a song coming on, it may be due to having acquired a large bottle of scotlands finest tipple............

Who ate all the pies?
who ate all the pies?
there was four when I left here
what has made them disappear?..

Robert Hawkins said...

Should not have forgotten his lock!
Cyclists in general seem to bit arrogant, wanting more than their fair share of many things. Roads, pavements, and now it seems, eateries.

auntychristine said...

not forgetting towpaths!

nb Ceiriog