Friday, 6 March 2015


I walked Molly on Thursday North on the canal. I crossed at Bridge 98 and we walked around what is apparently a gifted grassy knoll, for want of a better word. There is a stone bench that tells the story. A family donated the land to the community in memory of their Mum and Dad. I was just coming back across the bridge When I saw a boat coming northwards, so I stopped to watch. I waved when it became apparent that it was NO PROBLEM. Sue pulled NP over to the bank and we all moored her up. They had passed my boat and left a message. Vic was dispatched to brew up and Sue gave me all the good news I gave her all my news. Then we discussed the shenanigans going on in London with the Continuous Avoiders.

Once we had caught up and put the world to rights they were off on their way. That’s the way of Continuous Cruisers we meet up for a few minutes or a few hours then off again.


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Sue said...

Oooo did I put that many kisses on that note!

Yep I agree that is one of the most wonderful things about being a continuous cruiser just meeting up like you say for a few minutes or longer..

It's the way it is, sometimes I don't meet up with a boating friend for a couple of years then it is the same thing... A few minutes or an evening party time!