Saturday, 21 March 2015


I set off from Fazeley yesterday and made my way to Bedworth Bridge 16. Nuneaton as usual was an absolute disgrace. I have never seen anywhere so badly covered with litter from  the general populace. Dog shit abounds from the hedgerow to the waters edge. People are so disgusting. Fly tipping is not a stranger to Nuneaton. Sorry Nuneaton but I will not help you cleaning up until you start helping yourselves. Can you believe some people in flats throw dirty nappies out of the window on to the grass!


Richard said...

couldn't agree more. would place Leamington Spa as number two in the dog shit and litter league!
richard nb pendle warter

Maffi said...

Oh Richard Long Itchingdon it the worst place.

Anonymous said...

Pure laziness as most house-dwellers have wheelie bins these days.