Monday, 23 March 2015

Rubbish and Filth

For four years I have been collecting other peoples rubbish off the towpath. In that time I  reckon I have shifted between 12 and 14 tons of garbage.

Saturday at Hawkesbury Junction I picked up my EIGHTH porta-loo, FULL of sh*t.

WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE there is a rubbish point and elsan 150 yards away. Bloody bastards!!!

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Marilyn McDonald said...

Maffi, it's a mentality I don't understand. A sense of entitlement to be selfish, uncaring, thoughtless. I'd bet my boots that the same people who leave their rubbish and poop are pretty crappy people in their relationships too, and complain about things are always how someone else's responsibility or fault - because the world owes them and if it isn't delivering then someone has done something to cause that.
That may seem a big leap of conjecture, but my thinking is that people who leave stuff for others to clean up do the same in the rest of the lives, and take no responsibility for how they behave.
Well done and thank you, by the way, in your mammoth efforts to keep the towpath clear and clean.