Sunday, 22 March 2015

The blocked path at the Elephant & Castle, North Oxford Canal.

The story is this. For some reason Mr Grumpy Guts (I have met him today and he most definitely is) decided to put a small concrete wall down the centre of the pathway. He filled the side along the bridge with soil. In this soil he has planted Blackthorn and Hawthorn. His reason for this is unknown, but I suspect he plans to let it grow to eventually block the path.

Enter the council who say sorry you cant do that be...cause the path has to be 1.8 mtrs wide under H&S regulations he has been told to re do the job and ensure the path is at the correct width. Because the path at it planted width was a H&S risk the path had to be locked off.

Mr Grumpy has now completed the work required and is waiting for the council to come around and inspect hence the blocking fences are still in place.

I would want to know why the council didn't tell him to put it back as it was given that the path is not on his plan and as such he has no domain.

How do I know he is Grumpy Guts? Well today I moored outside his garden. I had a lot of crap on my prop. Whilst here I took some pictures of the offending path way and also one of the dog compound in his garden. He came out and started shouting and swearing at me. He never mentioned setting the dogs on me so I am assuming the police have had a word. I did explain why I took the picture, but he called me a "weird cunt" and told me to "fuck off". Needless to say I am still here.


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you are brave enough to face up to people like him, but do take care.

Kev & Donnna said...

Hi Maffi. Good to chat the other day. Bumped into him too on Monday. He is not a nice chap. The sooner access is restored the better.
Safe travels, Kevin & Donna at Hawkesbury Pumphouse

Dirty Pongo said...

I've been away for a while but it looks as though you've been having lots of "fun". This guy sounds horrible. What is wrong with people nowadays? Or is just that I've been "in" too long to notice how selfish the world has become?

Maffi said...

Hey DP How ya doing? Where ya bin? There has bin lotz a fun you missed it all. If you are near go and moor down there.