Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A Maffigram

I had a job offer today Wal-Mart want me to work as a spy. To spy on their workforce. They said “We are hiring today and we need you in our team”.

They also said ”The jobs are easy, fun and well paid”.

Well I was incensed to think that checking up on poorly paid people was going to be ‘fun’ and well paid’. So incensed that I had to write them a letter. A Maffigram!

Dear Wal-Mart
You pay shit wages and then have the nerve to pay other people to go round and check up on your staff, despicable! Why would any reasonable human being be so cruel to fellow workers.  If you want your workers to perform better, then pay them  to perform better.

Give them a salary that gives them dignity instead of them relying on food stamps. By making them claim food stamps you are taking money from the federal Government that could be used on medical research or for the care of disabled veterans or 101 other good causes.

Make your stores better so your staff want to go to work each day. 

I know the head of Wal-Mart is worth $22 billion. Why does she need that much money she cant take it with her. The Egyptians tried that and we robbed them fuckers.

Tell her to pay people their worth and you will not have to rely on outsiders to check up on them, this will give you a saving. Your boss is a vampire, sucking the lifes blood out of respectable people for the sake of selfish greed.

I dare you to go tell her she has to pay people more!


I don’t anticipate a response, but it made me feel good.


Linda said...

You said it very well, and I would hope that others do the same. Nice of you to speak up for their underpaid and most likely not well treated staff.

Maffi said...

Linda we have Wal-Mart over here.

Anonymous said...

I know I get on your case from time to time but this post is an example of why why I cannot ignore your blog.

When you're right, you are completely and definitively right.