Friday, 22 May 2015

Cruising the K&A

On Wednesday I came off the Thames and spent the night in the Abbey loop, behind the prison. Thursday we set off to Theale.  It took a while. I can’t get over how lovely the Kennet is this time of the year. It is well over grown but still very nice. By Friday night I was trying to find a mooring at Thatcham. Earlier I met Colin from nb GO FOR IT going over the bridge. He parked up and came to give me a hand. He later met me again at Woolhampton and again locked me through. Some of the moorings at Thatcham were occupied by selfish boaters who don’t seem to understand the importance of closing the gap. There was about 100 foot of space spread across the mooring. Yes I know I should have asked people to move up, but I shouldn’t have to.


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