Saturday, 23 May 2015

I had one job!

Today I had a visit from Bones and Alex. They were on their way down to the coast-ish.  Bones bought me Molly’s medication and a torch that I purchased on line.

But before that I had a chat with the farmer  and his friends about my impromptu mooring last night. He said he wasn’t worried as long as I didn’t leave any rubbish. I mentioned that I made a point of clearing up other peoples rubbish and we were at ease. Then some cows were spotted in a planted field and off they went to round them up I offered to help and was asked to wait where I was and shoo them into the field gate. Well I only had one job to do and after about twenty minutes I walked down to where one of the chaps waiting for a chat being as the cows (and one bull) had done a runner. Needless to say when the cows were driven back I was not in my allotted position and the cows kept going. Fortunately stopped by the canal. They were soon back in their field and I was slightly red faced.

After Bones, Alex and Boot departed I cast off for Newbury. I arrived about 3.30.11312648_10153798803558238_7443130124087608452_o Picture by Bones not Molly!

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