Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Bradford on Avon

I find myself about a mile outside Bradford-on-Avon on a 48 hour mooring. I am going to stay the full time and do my housework. I have been a bit slack for a while now and and yesterday I had a road to Damascus moment. I realised what my diminutive daughter would see when she walked through the boat.

I sat on the back deck having a rest when I overheard this,

Husband and wife (both elderly) on a boat going past a long line of moorers. Husband to wife:- "Speed it up a bit to get us round the corner."
Wife:- "What here?"
Husband "Yes here."
From where I was, sitting on the back of  my boat, I couldn't see the corner he was referring to!

PS fuel at Hilperton is 65ppl


Carol said...

Perhaps he could’t either Maffi! xx

Anonymous said...

Hurrah, I think she will appreciate that!
nb Oakfield