Friday, 19 June 2015

So back to the nut!

I measured the shaft size and the OD of the thread and was trying to find some one who could supply a nut. They all wanted to know the pitch.  Now whilst I know what they are saying (I used to use a gauge to find out this shit!) how does Joe Soap find out. So there I am, how am I going to find out the ‘pitch’ when It occurred to me  that I am a member of the RCR. Why not let them sort it. So I called them.

While the process is not really ’efficient’ it did work eventually and I now have a nice new nut and split pin for £8.39 via Spencer Collins up at Hilperton. Thank you Spencer!

Now Spencer came along with a battery powered Makita drill which I expected to run flat before it drilled the hole, however it did drill the hole I was really impressed.

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Anonymous said...

We found the folks at Hilperton Boatyard very friendly and helpful too Maffi.
nb Oakfield