Monday, 6 July 2015

Bloody B*****d

Yesterday I left Bradford on Avon for Oxford. I refuelled at Hilperton at 65ppl. I paid at exactly 2.20pm and left.. At 2.58pm only on mile down the canal I was shouted at by Mr Grumpy Old Bastard on a fat boat called Cleo, with the slackest ropes I have ever seen., he said “Slow down going past my boat.”

Well I was gob smacked! I had just travelled one mile in38 minutes and this twat tells me to slow down!!!!!! F**K  him!

I said, “I am going slow, How slow do you want me to fucking go! At which point he closed his side hatch. The nerve of these arseholes!

I was actually more annoyed that I missed the opportunity to use my well rehearsed response. “I can’t go any slower  or you would have feck all to moan about and your life would be meaningless.”

Still I can save that for another day.


Anonymous said...

Asked on K&A are you going fast enough, reply....Yes thanks side hatch closed.
Jackie nb timewarp

Malcolm said...

I had a boat pass me so fast in Heyford recently I asked the bloke on the tiller if he knew he'd lost his water skier...just got a blank look!