Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Just so you know.

7/7 one minutes silence is not a lot to ask yet this company refused to turn loud tools off during that minutes silence, when asked to show respect laughed in peoples faces and got violent. Re-Struture J C Ltd. Pass this on. We shouldn’t tolerate such disrespect!


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Andrew said...

Great for Restructure JC Ltd, well done chaps! Remind me to book you for my next building project. Just get the work done that you were paid to do, and ignore all this ridiculous mawkish Diana-isation of society.

Every other days seems to turn up a new demand for a national minute's silence here or a day of remembrance there, or flags at half mast for a private tragedy. I could understand builders stopping work on advance request for a funeral cortege passing by, but not for some artificial thing drummed up to fit politics.

An occasional state funeral, OK, and maybe a memorial service now and then. But don't demand other citizens join in, or spit at them and ostracise them just because they don't do as you want.

And don't get me started on those roadside shrines of plastic-wrapped filling-station flowers and teddy bears and cards saying "u r wiv the angles now". Grrrrr....

No flowers, by request.