Sunday, 19 July 2015

Parliamentary Greed

Tobias Ellwood MP must be guilty of improper behaviour.

In a letter to the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA), he said: "I know I speak for the silent majority (who are not millionaires) to say this increase is well overdue.

What I want to know is why is an MP writing to the IPSA. This is surely a breach of parliamentary rules, and if it isn’t it damn well should be! For a Minister of the Crown to seek to influence the outcome of an independent Authority for his own benefit is tantamount to corruption!

No! I say to Mr fecking Ellwood my £7,000 annual income leaves me counting the pennies and I am lucky! Some don’t have even that that. You Sir have no fecking idea. 13 times my income that’s what I call GREED! Add to that your expense account is a further 20 times my income (and you probably cheat on that). You are one greedy bastard and if you were in my constituency I would fire your ass!


Anonymous said...

With my heart, I agree but with my head - the suggested salary is quite reasonable for a professional.

We don't want only people who are independently wealthy or who have a second job, as MPs.

The problem is those who a) don't vote or b) would vote for a camel if it was from the 'correct' party.

They may be 'complete swine' but we put them there, didn't we?


Maffi said...

So why not pay all people the rate for the job? If we are to be in a situation where austerity applies it should apply to all. That Frank is the point!