Tuesday, 25 August 2015

It’s hard!

Being me is not very easy. I am out spoken and often people take offence. I have an opinion on most things and because of this many people take an adversarial interest in what I do. Some boaters are just watching out to see me get it wrong or break the rules.

As you can imagine this puts an enormous pressure on me to ‘get it right’. I am no saint, but you can bet your base plate that at most times I am trying hard to get it right. I never know when someone is watching and taking notes only to tell all on FaceBook.

So give me some slack!

1 comment:

Malcolm said...

You won't stop being you, that's part of being you and in my opinion it's a good thing.

If you start trying to do things right for the sake of other people, that's not you being you.

I hope that makes sense.