Wednesday, 16 September 2015


It always struck me as odd that anyone, when building a boat, would varnish such things as externally opening doors with water-based varnish. It stands to reason that this varnish would wear easily and be subjected to the rain. Of course when the varnish begins to wear off the wood itself is susceptible to the rain.

My stern doors are folded steel, filled with Ash faced ply. The Ash veneer has over time peeled. Whilst at Braunston I gave thought to what I would do with the doors. I  finished peeling the last of the veneer and prepping the surface for a) waterproofing and b) aesthetic finish.

DOORS This is not yet the finished design, but is well on its way. I didn’t want the tradition roses and castles, I don’t think they really fit with modern narrow boats, The red, white, and blue ceramic tiles are only to fill the space. What I want there is either one single tile 9x9 or 9 3x3 tiles with one design over the 9 tiles. Maybe something like this:-trialThe black panels might just stay black. The vent grills proved to be very time consuming to polish so I bought new ones. 

So far the doors look like this:-



Of course as you can see the inside, which is exposed to  the rain as well and needs some attention.


Naughty-Cal said...

I would be tempted to leave them as they are. Plain and simple and not too fussy.

Alf said...

Love the "reversing" lights !

Boatwif said...

Why not RAF roundels or tail markings at the top of the doors?
Ken (32 years and 160 days)

Miles said...

Hi again Maffi,

I don't have done a lot of work over the last few years for a company which produces bespoke hardwood conservatories. All the finishes they have used for the last twenty years or so have been with water based paints from a specialist manufacturer.
Obviously permanently exposed to the elements on the outside surfaces. These are sprayed on in the factory, but just as easily applied by brush when doing snagging work or touch up.
In my experience, I have found them very durable, and a joy to work with. No horrible paint smells, and brushes can be cleaned with water, so no need to carry flammable chemicals.

Best Wishes, Miles

Maffi said...

Maybe Miles but on my boat they were crap. I have now waterproofed the doors with good quality chemical based paint. DO you still have contacts because I need some 1 1/2 architrave in Sapelee about 18 feet.

Maffi said...

Still thinking Alf.

Maffi said...

Alf the 'reversing' lights are solar powered deck lights ideal for getting on to a boat in the dark.

Alf said...

Just joshing !