Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Hip Hip Boo!

I am currently holed up in Braunston. Following my pelvic fracture back in July I brought my boat through 100 locks and across 100 miles to Oxford. Here I went to my doctor who said it was broken. An X-ray proved him right. He told me to rest up and take it easy. At least at this time the most of the pain had gone.

Anyway I moved up from Oxford to Thrupp to do some much needed painting to the roof and sliding hatch. From there I moved up here over the next couple of weeks. The hip/pelvis is still not right which is why I am staying for a bit. I have to walk Molly so this is all the exercise I am getting.

BooHoo I am getting bored. I need to move. I have things to do and words to write.


Anonymous said...

Good to meet up. Looking forward to the end product, once written.
Enjoy the journey but be careful.
Rog and Jane
nb Paneke

MortimerBones said...

Better to rest so that when you move you can move freely and well and have something to write about.