Saturday, 12 September 2015

Kanye West…..

…….said, “I’m a creative genius and there is no other way to word it”.

Well I couldn’t agree with that so I sent him a note!



Anonymous said...


Your posts can be a bit demented from time to time but they usually can be understood, with a little effort.

Who the fornication is Kayne West?


PS I saw you arrive in Braunston, I'm amazed that you can get that rowing boat off the roof and into the water - it looks enormous.

Dafydd said...

Err - That's KANYE West Maffi

Anonymous said...


So who the fornication is KANYE West?


Maffi said...

Frank: He is some kind of egotist who thinks he can sing.
Dafydd: Got that but he is still a twat!

Frank: Its not that big. I use it as a skip!