Monday, 14 September 2015

On the move again.

Sunday arrived with a visit from the one and only Mortimer Bones. I have been at Braunston for over a week now and I have to move. Bones came to help. We set off up the Braunston Locks. At the top Bones got on her bicycle and rode of to her car. The plan was that she would drive to Watford Locks and help me there also. We had a great day. Bones cooked lunch!






Carol said...

What a happy chappy today! x

MortimerBones said...

The cone stood there waiting,
All alone.
Maffi came past
He wanted that cone
But not with the Bone(s)
Who insisted he rested.
The cone still stands
Bicycles safe.

KevinTOO said...

Great photos of both Molly & Bones :)

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of Bones's jig, and of course Molly's smile. Enjoy your journey but take it steady.
Regarding the Rembrandt Gardens moorings in Little Venice (the bookable ones). Been in touch with Sue (nb No Problem) who has just used them and they are free !!! That's a pleasant change don't you think.
nb Paneke

Maffi said...

Carol I am always a happy chappie. The rest is just acting! I'm good at it aren't I

Sue said...

To Bones...

Why does Maffi needs a cone
Maybe he feels he needs a moan
I really dont see how
As you are with him Bones right now

But how you do a jig and not stop at the pub
You must belong to that teetotalers club
Through the tunnel hey was Milly scraped
It doesn't say if he escaped

I'm glad the cone still stands
And it's not another rubbish bit in his hands
So now it's on the Leicester Arm
Let's hope he doesnt come to any harm

Carol said...

Most who know you can see through your good acting! You’re ok Maffs! x

steff said...

Your lovely dog Molly makes me smile along with her....
she looks like a very happy, waggy girl!

Maffi said...

I wanted the cone as an anti speeding cyclist device. We should all collect them and place them on the towpath to deter speeding cyclists.