Thursday, 15 October 2015

Abstaining is not acceptable.

An MP has a responsibility to his constituents. He/She is supposed to represent them in the House of Commons. When there is a vote they are supposed to vote as their constituents would wish them to. The vote is either yea or nay, to abstain is cowardly. To abstain is to let down those who put you where you are today. If you don’t want the responsibility get out of politics.

Abstention says to me, ‘I cant make up my mind’.
Abstention says to me, ‘What do the voters know’.
Abstention says to me, ‘You are not fit for purpose’.
Abstention says to me, ‘If I just keep my head down I can make a lot of money, and have a nice life.

How would you, as a prospective MP, like it if we abstained at the polling booth when you really needed our vote?

Do your job or get out!

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