Friday, 23 October 2015


MP Brian Binley claimed £1,500 a month for three years to rent for a flat that he owned via his company BCC Marketing. This was acceptable in 2005 but the rules changed  in 2006 House of Commons rules now forbid MPs from renting properties from themselves or their companies. Binley knew this because he challenged the ruling and failed, but still he claimed. More a fault of the department that deals with this stuff I suppose because they continued to pay him, but he KNEW it was wrong.

Mr Binley said the rent didn’t even cover the mortgage. Well excuse me but the allowance for second homes is only to cover the interest on the mortgage.

So he erroneously claimed £57,000 from the public purse and was not asked to pay it back! If one of his constituents had knowingly claimed £57 he wasn’t entitled to he would be in jail, why not Binley?

Yet again more sleaze in the  CONservative Party

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