Friday, 9 October 2015


If you go to Castle Gardens in Leicester, you will moor on the pontoon outside the gardens. You will use your BW key to get through these gates. There used to be a rising ramp here the full width of the gates. After the fittings rotted the ramp was replaced with this very amateur construction. The gates don’t open properly, although there really is no need for gates that wide. The step does not rise with the pontoon and as such is not a lot of good in a flood.

But all is not lost! While I was there two people in suits were assessing the job and decided that it was not fit for purpose. It needed suits to see that? Hopefully the replacement will be better. I do hope that CRT get the people who built this to do the job for free after all they paid them a whole pile of cash for this lash-up.


PS The map which can be seen on the gate points you to the wrong gate for exiting the park. The correct gate is the next one anti clock-wise on the map. If you have been there before you know the right gate.

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