Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Say this!

I sit here and there is so much I want to say. Want and can are two different things. I want to say things, but can I say them?

Am I allowed to say we are being taken over by Islam, NO!

Am I allowed to say we are becoming second class inhabitants of our country, NO!

Am I allowed to say Islam will be the dominant force in this country in 25 years, NO!

Am I allowed to say the expected influx of asylum seekers into this country will herald a new era of rape and violence, NO!

So what am I allowed to say? Anything as long as it is not the truth.

Here goes: Islam is a religion of peace! Ha fucking ha!


Anonymous said...

Hi Maffi, could you change up your font please?
I can barely read this post without binoculars!

Maffi said...

How is that?

Anonymous said...

Thanks - binocs returned to the car.

Jayne Toyne said...


What makes you feel this way?
How many Muslims have tried to convert you?
How many Muslims do you actually know to talk to?
How many migrants or asylum seekers have you seen in actuality?
How many people that you know have been attacked or raped by anyone from the above groups of people?
Are you consuming mass media without questioning it's political standpoint and the risk that you are being fed propaganda?
Causing you to hate another human without ever meeting them, knowing them or having any connection with them?
This is how the German government managed to get away with genocide because of the fear and hatred they spread amongst their nation.

Assume 99.7% of society or should I day there human population want just a few simple things.
To feel loved
To feel safe
To have food and water
To have shelter
To have freedom from persecution and freedom to think and be as they want to be.

Adjust your mindset maffi, I think your feelings of personal safety and liberties being removed after founded in fear propagated by people who are manipulating you in order to justify more fighting and more very profitable wars for weapons manufacturers. (See how many in government currently will profit personally from weapons or their associated trades)

Maffi said...

Jayne I have no idea who you are.

You have no idea who I am, so it is a bit presumptuous to preach to me in this fashion. I lived in Oman for a year. I lived in Kuwait for most of a year. I lived in Riyadh for 3 years. Whilst in Riyadh I once had dinner with OBL. I saw first hand the response to the Danish Cartoons. I travelled the city in the shadows in fear for my life. I experienced the discrimination/apartheid. I carried a hand gun for two of those three years. I do not need you or the crap press we have to tell me what I know is coming. I have seen it first hand! I certainly do not need you to tell me to adjust my fucking mind set.

Now do you understand me.

Go and preach to the liberal minded they will listen to your shit!

Malcolm said...

Hi Maffi
Yes you can say those things and indeed you did, we still have the right to free speech even if what we say is not PC.
You will inevitably provoke a response from someone like Jayne but I'm sure that won't stop you expressing your opinion, nor should it.
We are all entitled to express our opinions and it will be a sad day WHEN, not if we are prevented from so doing.
As you know I was also a long time resident of the middle east and africa in the past, experienced life under Islamic rule and wasn't impressed!
Don't stop saying it as you see it.

Anonymous said...


Hi, me again.

I have read your post and Jayne's reply. I absolutely agree that you both have the right to say what you want - provided you are both willing to accept the consequences. Jayne's implied criticism is a consequence for you, while your brusk reply is a consequence for Jayne - fair enough say I.

Trouble is, how does your audience pick who is right? I suppose that I'm liberal but to a degree and honestly they both strike me as a bit silly. But hey, if you can't be silly on the toilet wall, where can you?



Maffi said...

Frank, Jaynes comment was presumptuous to say the least, She assumed that I was a keyboard warrior who's letting himself be dictated to by the gutter press. This is typical of those who will destroy this country by their liberal apathy. If she/they had their way we would all believe the garden was all roses, it is far from that!

JohnO said...

Maffi. I believe Jane is a sailor,journalist and university lecturer. She writes a very humourous blog "boogie nights"

Perhaps it's the university that has imbued of influenced her liberal views. I know not just a wild guess.

I work for a government department that is so politically correct and up its own arse that it beggar's belief at times. Some of the crap they come out with defies belief!!
Apathy and the unnerving belief of these types is our real enemy they just refuse to believe what will happen. They cannot envisage that any culture cannot have the same westernised viewpoints as their own. They are in for one hell of a shock!!

Maffi said...

Liberals! Line them up!

Malcolm said...

WHEN not if it all turns to s**t they'll only have themselves to blame but you can bet they'll wonder how it happened!

Jayne Toyne said...

I used to be a narrowboater (moored next to Bones a while) and yes, the above info on me is correct, I'm a journalist and lecturer.
I tackle ethical journalism studies on a daily basis and lecture on media law along with other aspects of features journalism. I seek to promote "slow journalism" and move away from sensationalism.

I may have a liberal view point but I am also a realist. (I also happen to be an RAF badged marksman from my younger days but that's another story)
I have followed your blog since you had your boat built years ago.
I find what you write a challenge sometimes, but then, I do like a challenge so I persist because often you have some good salient points.

I ask again, based on experiences in THIS country alone, have you ever been physically attacked or abused by an immigrant or asylum seaker? Has anyone ever tried to convert you?

The mass media, owned by Rupert Murdock and several other uber wealthy people, stand to gain considerably from a society who fears or a society who hates.
Distrust the mainstream news and everything they tell you.

We as a nation, particularly those not invested in news media, are being fed propaganda. Censorship is rife. What nonsense we are peddled daily. All I ask is that you question it and question everything you think you know to be true by simply asking the question,

What happened really? What am I NOT being told?

An ex edior for a magazine I worked on is still being held hostage by ISIS. The propaganda videos he was forced to produce are very interesting. Not for what they contain, but what they don't.
The same applies to the Alan Henning news footage.