Wednesday, 18 November 2015


That’s a lot of money. It’s a lot of money for just about everyone unless you are a squillionaire or an MEP! Our MEPs receive €96,246.36 (£78,000) a year for a job that many of us would do for half the price. £78,000 thats about three times the national average!

Plus the EU contribution into his non-contributory pension is equal to 3.5% of his salary. We pay that! €3368.62 per year. That’s €16843.11 for the 5 year term.

All of their airfares are paid when travelling within the EUs 28 member states. FIRST CLASS!

There is an extra travel allowance up to €4,243 for trips outside of the EU on whatever official business.

MEPs are given a €304 a day "subsistence" allowance for when they're on official business. If that is only 100 days a year it totals €30,400

Add to this an MEP is allowed to claim back two thirds of all medical bills. Viagra is included on that.

MEPs can claim up to €4,299 a month to fund such things as phone bills and computers. €51,588

All MEPs seem to have a hoard of flunkies and to help them pay for that they can claim up to €21,209 a month for staffing costs. That’s €254.508 pa

And of course when the gravy train stops they will get £39,000 to ease them back into the ‘real world”.

This so the expenses can all add up to £623,067.38.

Shit I’d do it for a lot less than that.

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