Sunday, 29 November 2015

A body is announced!

I have been in and around Birmingham for a couple of weeks. The notable presence in the area is the police. On  Friday the 20th of November Inderjit Bhogal  41, described as Asian 6 ft tall left the Brasshouse pub near Brindley Square at about 10.45pm. He was later seen on CCTV near the canal. I don’t suppose for one minute he thought he was taking his last walk. The police and divers have been searching the canal and the local area ever since. Today 29/11 about mid-day his body was pulled out of the canal near Sheepcote Road Bridge. A tragic end to my short story!


What is amazing is that the body was lain just under the bridge for a couple hours before they could get a coroner and a vehicle to the scene to pronounce him dead and take him away. Whilst waiting 10 officers, of varying ranks were involved in ‘protecting’ the corpse and stopping the public from using that part of the tow path. I cannot believe that no vehicle was available. They could have gone to the nearest vehicle hire base and got suitable transport for a lot less than the cost of 10 officers for 2/3 hours.



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Cut and Rune said...

I am not in the least surprised that it took so long to get someone to come out to certify that this unfortunate gent was dead. Getting any doctor (it wont have been a coroner)to come out to do it has always been difficult since they have living patients to deal with. You often had to wait for them to finish their practice appointments so 4 or 5 hours isn't particularly unusual. What I had often done in the past was to call out an ambulance even if the person was clearly dead since the ambulance paramedic is allowed to 'recognise' death which means that you can then move the body (you can't do anything with him until this happens). Moving the body is no real problem since you just call out an undertaker but they aren't allowed to touch them until death has been 'officially' ascertained. I think that if they'd just fished him out of the canal however 9 days after he went missing you'd need to be a bit 'creative' with your account to get an ambulance to attend.

The reason for the officers 'protecting' the corpse is because if they don't someone is going to come along and claim to have been 'traumatised' by seeing the body and the compensation lawyers will have a job on!