Saturday, 7 November 2015

HST (High Speed Travel)

I watched a hire boat yesterday some two hundred yards away. If his throttle wasn’t hard on the stops my name ain’t Maffi. His wash would have been over the bank if not for the fact that banks here are unusually high. 

I was crawling along scooping up rubbish as I went. I wasn’t about to let him pass me at speed because he would have lifted me up an dropped me in the shallows and I would have been stuck. I signalled to him to slow down. As he passed I told him 4 mph was not a target but a maximum (he was going faster). I said he should be more concerned about not breaking wash. I think this fell on deaf ears.

He said he was just trying to over take me. I told him I thought he was trying to over take the  London to Glasgow 747. Need less to say he shot off at stupid speed and arrived in the city a week ago last Wednesday what with him being Dr Who and all.

When I moored up I fired off a message to Napton Narrowboats. As of now I am yet to received a reply.

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