Monday, 23 November 2015

Its a brothel not a club

Conservative Minister Robert Helford MP had a six month affair with a very nice bit of totty. They met at his ‘club’. He was filmed leaving the ‘club’ with said totty. This led to his embarrassment when it was discovered that he had claimed 30,000 pounds of our hard earned taxes for his membership fees to this high class brothel. Why are we paying for this?

Robert Halfon, who was cheating on his life partner, said the most important thing to him was ‘to repair my relationship with my partner’.

No Robert you fucked up. You deceived your life partner and you stole from people who are not able to afford it. You are a crook and should go to jail. You are typical of the corrupt regime that think we will turn a blind eye to you thieving, immoral bastards in the House of Commons.