Sunday, 15 November 2015


Some times when one is clearing the detritus of other peoples sordid lives you come across odd things in the water. I have lost count of the condoms I have seen and pairs of knickers I have disposed of. Tops jackets and jumpers trousers abound, but like everyone else often around the propeller.

I have collected about 10 full cans of beer, spoons, glasses, cups, a dog lead - two in fact! I have rescued various dolls from a watery grave and copious quantities of jewellery (some worth weighing in). Thousands of bottles, and cans likewise.

The most obnoxious are the 8 porta potties I have bagged and stored on the roof while waiting for somewhere to properly dispose of them. there was one that was absolutely full to the brim that I didn’t move, rather called CRT to tell them where it was. The next time I passed it had gone, but I was surprised however, to see that the two tyres and the bin bag of domestic rubbish that it sat on where still there, but not now.

A dozen or more shopping trolleys have travelled on my roof to the nearest store for disposal point. (Tesco in Loughborourgh must have had apoplexy when I left a very old, rusty well soaked specimen of dereliction in the trolley park)

In Leicester I retrieved 7 traffic cones which brings my total to about 60. At Nuneaton I dragged a full wheelie bin out of the water. On The Shroppie last month I found a full length of planed 3 x 2, this will do duty as a stand for Molly’s roof top basket.

But the most interesting and amusing thing I found was this:-
It is a tea light holder.


Andy Gic said...

Good find,a symbol of solidarity with Parisians.

Maffi said...

No its a tea light holder!