Saturday, 19 December 2015

Dear David......

When you were elected it was because we the people thought you were the best man for the job. You made promises that we felt meant you had the people’s best interest at heart.

Do you remember, ‘The NHS is safe with me?’ No! Well let me tell you we do! You broke this promise, that’s your bad. If that was the only promise you broke that would be enough to fire your ass in any other job. You failed to bring criminals to justice and when those criminals laughed at us when we gave them £45 billion you laughed with them.

You close down our vital assets such as Air Sea Rescue, Fire Stations, A&E etc claiming there is no money then spend billions on the Queens Jubilee, The Olympics, HS2, and a whole host of other expensive projects which we can do without in these so called ‘austere’ times. Trust me we are not fooled.

There is not one entrepreneur that would make a penny without the work force yet you with your immigration policy have be driving down the wages of the poorest and the taxes of the richest. You have bought in a scheme of slavery under the guise of ‘Workfare’ whereby a company can fire a man for no real reason and your Gestapo can force him to go back and work for them for free! And all this time you and your cronies in the HoC have been awarded an 11% pay rise while it was your watch. Did you know an 11% pay rise for the poor would make little difference? 11% for you makes you richer, 11% for the public sector would just make them less poor. Our finest public sector workers get a measly 1%. 1% doesn’t even cover the increase cost of bus fares to get them to work.

The cost of living rises faster than good people can earn the money to pay for it. VAT and income tax drag my income down to 60% other taxes reduce it even further. All this despite your promises to the contrary.

IDS your chief Gestapo Officer is personally responsible for the death of thousands of our most vulnerable citizens. On this there can be no discussion. You are his boss that puts you in the dock too! You are ultimately responsible.

You have repeatedly lied, defrauded, and cheated the country, while while making sure your mates make millions from the public purse. You are no better than Mugabe, Kim sun il and a whole host of other despots in the world. And you refuse to take responsibility for you fraudulent action. You allow your colleagues to cheat on their expenses and treat it as if it were nothing yet the average expenses fraud is £2000.

You pillory benefit fraud yet the average benefit 'fraud' is only £59. And still those who bought this nation to its knees escape punishment.

Your government is rotten to the core. Not fit for purpose. Can this be the reason you fixed the recall bill? In a democracy it is absolutely preposterous that the voters cannot fire their representative when they FAIL at their job or cheat and steal.

We, yes we, are your employers. We pay your salary yet you treat us as if we were something you stepped in.

You are totally shameless unbelievably snobby to those who you owe so much and have been elevated to a level far above your merit.

Some years ago I had the good fortune to dine with Osama bin Laden. Despite his notoriety I would still rather dine with him again than with you and the human excrement that you call government. His commitment to his people, to his religion, far out strips yours. You are a political pigmy by comparison. One thing you can say about OBL is that despite his ideology he never once told a lie. Can you say that about yourself? I don’t think so! You cannot tell the truth if your son’s lives depended on it.

I find it ironic that that some son’s lives do depend on the truth, a truth you are unable to face. Your spin machine is doing you no favours. You do not look great to the nation, to the EU or to the world. We, well you, are a laughing stock. A spoilt public school brat. You have nothing to offer us. Your ‘call me Dave’ is crass. You are not a man of the people. You never were, you never will be. The closest you will come to it is if you surround yourself with good, down to earth people. People who can live in London on 40 quid a week not those who spend £39 of our money on a toilet roll holder. Surround yourself with people who understand that a Poundland toilet brush does the same job as a 50 quid one from Harrods. Surround yourself with people who have had to decide to heat or eat. The greedy money grabbing bastards you currently surround your self with have no idea the barrel has a bottom. They certainly don’t know why we voted for them and very few have had to live with real hardship.

There is one thing a politician needs to be able to say at the end of their term in office. “I made a positive difference to the lives of those who put their faith in me, those most in need”

You have managed to destroy belittle, and even kill. You have taken this once great nation and broken it. You broke the spirit that broke the Germans. Well done you! You have done this for selfish reasons. To make money for yourself and your friends. You have done this to perpetuate the evil of a class system built on the blood, sweat, and tears of the ordinary people. No rich man ever got rich without the cooperation of the working man. No mine owner ever dug one shovelful of coal. No rich man ever made a candle. No rich man ever took breath with out the help of the working man. No rich man ever got rich without ordinary people.

We live in a democracy one man one vote and yet you take bribes in return for honours. You award contracts to those who only want to screw the crap out of this country. You are no better than the Krays. You are lower than a snake’s belly. You are a criminal, a fraudster a conman. I try to like even the mot unlikeable people, but in your case I will make an exception you are not a likeable person. I hope you die a horrible death in lots of pain. I am only sorry that at 65 I will not be around to enjoy your demise.

If you have read this far, which I doubt, you will know I am a grumpy man. Understand this there are millions of us who would happily press the button that would terminate your life. in unbelievable pain and terror.

Your only salvation is to resign. Don’t draw out your evil reign any longer than necessary. You have proved to be an incompetent of immense proportions.

That you and your cronies can laugh when millions are using food banks is a disgrace. You must be the most hated man in the country next to IDS. I wish you no good fortune other than I hope no one ever shoots you because a bullet would be too quick and you really need to suffer.

The last five years need never have happened. You, yes you, chose to persecute our weakest members. You are one despicable being I will not say human because you are certainly not that.

Here’s hoping you die a despicable death and the rest of your family to. The sins of the father shall be visited on the sons, one down. It has begun. Will you sacrifice them all for your vanity? Probably.

David let our people go. You have the power to make Britain work. Wake up. Your time is nigh. RESIGN!!!

(I would press the button, would you?)


nb Achernar said...

You will have the black helicopters hovering over your boat if your not careful.

JohnO said...

Time to change your medication I think!!!
I can't stand the arsehole either but to wish a painful death to his family?? Too far maffi even by your standards... I don't expect you will publish this comment. But I had to say it ..get some perspective man!!!

Frank said...

Well, fancy that and in the season of good will too!

Seriously, you need to calm down a little, this can't be good for your health. You don't need health problems given the state of the NHS.

Personally, I have never voted tory and would cut my hand off with a blunt knife rather than do so. Can you say the same?

Merry Christmas.


PS No I wouldn't push the button.

Maffi said...

If Karma is to work then I have asked for nothing that Karma shouldn't return to him. He is without doubt a lying, cheating, dishonest, life destroying, murdering, scumbag who preys on the innocent, weak and vulnerable. I would press the button because you wouldn't. And I would do it with a drum roll.

JohnO I take it you are a doctor of some sort? If you are not, stop handing out medical advice. There is a level of illegality to it.

Cut and Rune said...

Hi Maffi, I do see one small flaw in your tirade (yes I despise Cameron as well), he IS going to resign before the next election and we can then look forward to more humane policies coming from.........?? Osborne? May? Idiot Duncan Smith??? Unfortunately not, it has often been said that a country get the government it deserves, clearly we don't deserve much!

JohnO said...

Well...your reply addresses the first line of my comment!!

Care to access the bit that matters??

Maffi said...

Go to the header picture and read.

Dave,Beryl Bradshaw said...

I'd press Maffi unfortunately they are all as bad so next one will be no improvement
And A Merry Christmas from Beryl and Dave Nb Sokai

steve cooper said...

WOW . What he said .
i care for my disabled wife who just about survived a stroke
14 years ago. since dear dave and the other ussless pricks
got in , iv been treated with distain and contempt in a horrible
soul draining way. I thought i was doing the right thing???.