Thursday, 3 December 2015

The Anchor Inn, High Offley

Copied from Canal World

Anchor Inn The e-canalmapp App for the Midlands has this pub erroneously listed as 'CLOSED'. Consequently she has seen a big decline in customers this year, including (importantly) campers who used to bring their caravans and tents in the summer.

The Anchor Inn is NOT CLOSED! I told Olive that I'd ask you guys to take note and spread the word, if you know anyone who is remotely interested. Olive is attempting to have the app corrected, but so far after 3 months of reporting the issue, it still lists it as closed.

Winter opening hours are weekends only, Friday and Saturday evenings from 1900-2300 (often later!) plus Saturday and Sunday lunchtimes from 1200-1430 (often later!). Note: Closed on Sunday evenings.

Summer hours increase to weekday opening, both at lunchtime AND evenings.

Please help by passing this info onwards.

Those who complain of the pub hardly ever being open simply don't know her opening hours. They are regular and consistent, as listed above. She HAS been know to close early, but only if there's no customers.


Carol said...

e-canalmap sent out a message to all its users to let them know that a mistake had been made and that the pub was not closed at all.

Oakie said...

I made a pilgrimage to The Anchor last year, after passing it by on at least two occasions in years gone past, without knowing it was there - doh! Very well worth a visit to see Olive and her daughter, who attends to the prize winning garden. The shop at the rear is a veritable Alladin's cave, but is only opened on request.