Friday, 29 January 2016


Its been over ten years since BW, as was, closed the boatyard at Jericho. It might not have been the best boatyard in  the country, but it was the only one in Oxford. Many people didnt like it but it did do a good job. The alernative was ether Oxford Cruisers on the Thames or Oxfordshire Narrowboats at Lower Heyford. Yes there was College Cruisers but their facilities were limited and their own hire boat fleet took priority.

For all the years it has been closed it has been hidden away behind green painted hoardings. Initally the hoardings were a full eight feet high, a veritable BLOT on the landscpe. There have been many plans for what to do with the land and all that time it has not gained 1p in rent.

Every plan has been rejected. One plan included 51 smalll dwellings and 8 parking spaces. The current plan is good to go. While the environment has had to suffer the ugliest hoardings for over ten years, now they are going to build the hoardings have been covered in a smart vinyl sheet.

20160119_151428This sheet must have cost a couple of grand. I find it odd that we had to put up with ultra ugly, but as soon as it is about polishing their image money is spent.
There will be flats there will be community areas there will be facilities for boats. Well if you believe that you will believe in fairies. Oh and there is a rumour of a lift bridge. The bridge will waste 2/3 mooring spaces in an area that quality mooring spaces are a premium commodity.

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