Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Kerry-Anne Mendoza

This is Kerry-anne Mendoza She writes for and is the Editor in chief of The Canary a popular online newspaper. I have written about her before.


In a recent article she headlined the piece ”The UKIP supporter page has posted this despicable threat against black MP Diane Abbott”. Once again Mendoza is talking bollox  First off under the headline was a large picture of Diane Abbott.


You might not know from the picture that Abbott is an MP. I dont know about you, but I do not need to be told that Abbott is black. I do not need to be told she is black any more than I need to be told she is wearing a wig, but apparently Mendoza thought it was necessary. It is part of her very unprofessional reporting style. News is news and should be reported without personal bias or emotion.

Now back to the main point of the headline, “”"The UKIP supporter page has posted this despicable threat against black MP Diane Abbott” So I have to wonder what threat  she is talking about. She is refering to something said on FaceBook when Abbott was in Calais recently. Here is the screenshot from the net.


As you can see there is no threat in this! Yes she is called a traitor and there are many who would agree. Yes she was called a racist well she is and that is proveable. But no actual threat and no implied threat either. The message at the top “Please rape me first” is not a threat. So you may, like me, feel Mendoza has either got it wrong or has tried to dupe the readers. I go with the second option.

I agree there are many not nice comments on FB some racist, some just generally insulting, most just not necessary, but I dont think there are any threats against Abbott well certainly not in the sample Mendoza published.

There is stuff in The Canary that is good, but little comes from Mendoza. She writes not to report but to inflame and in some cases could probably be locked up for it. She really needs to get her act together and start reporting properly. It is only us bloggers that can resort to such poor reporting skills.

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