Tuesday, 19 January 2016

No Cycling! Ha!

From the very end of the canal near Hythe Bridge to Isis Lock is a no cycle way. There are signs that say ‘Dismount past moorings!

This has turned out to be a total waste of money. No one takes any notice. And no one enforces the rule.


The sign at the Hythe Bridge end had a huge sticker covering the wording. Well this I thought was a bit of a liberty so I cleaned it off , now cyclists have no reason ignore the notice.

Notably yesterday I saw Edward Surridge, local activist, riding his bike between the signs. Edward is one of those who repetedly make FOI requests of CRT, at great cost, under the guise of making sure CRT are playing the game by the rules, but there he was breaking the rules himself.

As far as I am aware ES doesn’t have a boat on CRT water.


Malcolm Thomas said...

A rope across the towpath might do the trick.

Edward Afloat said...

guilty. I slow or stop when close to other path user's

Edward Afloat said...

mforst of foi requests by
findoutwhattheyknow.com sharing foi onfo to public. comments feature / annotation available.
the no cycleing notice is advisory. I might foi CaRT to how much they spent prosecuting me for treaspass before putting up the signs. a guilty verdictight be challenged if I find the time ect.
how are you maffi? a friends messaged me the link here. feel free to contact me if detail could help.

Maffi said...

The cycling sign is not just a sign for cyclists. Whilst you and other cyclists are ignoring a polite request relating to the safety of pedestrians (who I believe have priority on the path), pedestrians see the sign and expect the path to be safe. The path is only 3feet 10 inches wide and under H&S law to narrow to accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians. On a path this narrow cyclists are to dismount when approaching a pedestrian. The fact that CRT have fucked up is of no importance.

As for the 'advisory' you and other cyclists in the area may like to note you may ring your bell as much as you like but pedestrians are under no obligation/instruction/rule/law to move out of the cyclists way. The pedestrian has priority at all times. So by all means ignore the request to dismount, but make sure you all hold insurance.

Edward I have seen some of your requests and some of your responses and it seems to me you are on some kind of power trip. I am not saying that is a bad thing, we all have to do what we think is right. but can the public not ask these questions themselves and most of them would not be as belligerent as you and I would be.

Regards Maffi

Maffi said...

It doesn't mater who 'sent' you the link this is an open page and anyone can read it. You will note I don't hide what I think. And with very few exceptions I always publish comments good and bad.

Malcolm Thomas said...

The sign doesn't state that dismounting is only required when cyclists are close to other people using the path.
Edward says he slows down or stops but doesn't dismount, so he's either deliberately ignoring the sign, or if he has read it, doesn't understand it!
I expect I'm wasting my time posting this comment as he probably won't understand it either.

Edward, it's not rocket science, stop being selfish and inconsiderate: GET OFF YOUR BIKE!

Maffi said...

Apparently it is only an advisory sign so cyclist are free to ignore it at their pleasure. Like I say there is no obligation to move out of their way.

Passive resistance that's the way!

Malcolm Thomas said...

Ah well, if it's an advisory sign CRT have wasted more of our money as people don't comply with the compulsory ones!

Zepharia Andres said...

No one is really busy. It all depends on what number you are on their priorityn list. See the link below for more info.