Friday, 15 January 2016

War? What war?

The world is in the greatest peril now since the Cuban Missile Crisis and our so called leaders are oblivious to the danger. Or maybe its part of their plan.

What is there not to understand?


If you cant see it you are not paying attention.

David Cameron is refusing to see the scale of the problem. Islam is not a Religion of peace! While America has elected a radical moslem for two terms who is single handedly destroying that which the Americans hold most dear, The Constitution.

Multi-culturalism is a failed experiment Government needs to realise that. I dont feel safe in my country anymore because we cannot deal with any serious problems we are going to get.  Cameron is set to cut a further 30,000 police officers. We cannot defend ourselves yet I would stake my pension on the invaders have access to all the weapons they want. Perhaps thats the point, we are as anation demoralised by the last thirty years of government cuts. George Osborne, Ian Duncan Smith along with the Daily Mail have managed to divert our attention from the real problems and channeled us to fight each other. All the time society is breaking down and we will be so demoralised when the real fighting starts we wont give a shit and just go peacefully.

We cannot speak out against Islam yet Islam can speak out against Christianity. We cannot say anything that might be considered a ‘hate’ crime, yet Islamists can call for beheadings can call for hanging gay people they can burn our flag and burn poppies at memorial services. Why are they getting away with this? Anjem Choudary, a most hatefull man wants there to be killings of the Kufar (us), wants there to be rape, wants there to be beatings, wants there to be an Islamic Republic of the UK. Islam is growing like a cancer. It has to be cut out. Look at Sweeden, Norway, Denmark they are having a bad time of it. Their rape stats have gone through the roof last year and you can bet your boots its not blond haired blue eyed boys that are the cause! Germany just this week had 200 islamists lined up where women commuters were walking off the train and sexually asaulted them. One woman reorted she had “fingers in every orifice”. Of course it wasn’t the ‘moderate’ moslems, but how do you tell them apart? Is there such a thing as a moderate? When do you risk your daughter’s well being? In france the police are shot at with impunity if they venture into moslem areas. Where will it all end? Bosnia will only accept Christian or atheist refugees. Hungary has closed its borders! Poland have had a mass demonstration and since has anounced it will now only accept white people across their border. The US is set to disarm the whole country at the behest of their moslem Commander in Chief and his bitch! Moslems are ensconsed in every government department. This will ensure the move to Sharia Law will continue after this evil man has ended his second term in office, if indeed he ever does. He has instigated plans to abuse the Constitution and postpone the next election. Slowly Islam is turning the world into one shit pile and it resembles the shit pile they came from. There is no one Islamic country that propely prospers in peace!

What secret deals has Cameron done with the home of Islam, Saudi Araba. Why are we putting up with with the systematic errosion of out nation, our culture, our way of life. Is David stupid enough to think that he will escape The clutches of Sharia Law.

The world illuminatae believe that the world can quite happily survive the next ten thousand years with only 500,000,000 people, so somewhere along the line over 6 billion people have to be turned into compost. Islam is good at that!

Obamah has said he will enact gun laws using his executive power and you should understand that a disarmed nation is easier to control as we are in the UK.


Frank said...


What can I say that will reach you?

If we had the same gun laws as the USA the people who you pick up litter after could all have machine guns - then you could pick up bodies instead.

For Christ's sake, you're better than this - get a grip.

Happy new year.


Maffi said...

Frank, What can I say to reach you.

The time is close when what is happening in Syria will happen here. How are we going to fight it. Minimum Armed forces minimum police and no civilian back up.

Get a grip!