Saturday, 20 February 2016

Go set a Mocking bird.

Harper Lee award winning author of ‘….To kill a mocking bird’ and lately ‘Go set a watchman’ Has died aged 89.


Marilyn McDonald said...

The use of language and the word pictures Harper Lee created were amazing. Her way of articulating the values that Atticus Finch espoused and passed on to Scout and Gem was so subtle and required careful reading. To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the most wonderful novels I have ever read, Maffi. I was disappointed when I read Go Set a Watchman, until I read that it was a draft for TKAM.
However for me there was something quite appealing about the fact that she only published one novel; for whatever reason she never had to (or was unable to) confront the dilemma of the second novel not living up to the promise of the first.
Have you read A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving? That is my favourite novel of all time.
Cheers, Marilyn

Maffi said...

Go Set a Watchman was Lee's first novel and was presented to publishers as such. The publisher that took interest said he would like to know more about Scout which is why Lee wrote Mockingbird. The Manuscript of Watchman was lost until recently.

When I want to read joined up writing I read Steinbeck, in particular Cannery Row.

Marilyn McDonald said...

Aha! A different view from what I had seen. If your view is correct, then she well and truly improved on her first novel!
I read Cannery Row some years ago - probably time I re-read it, along with Grapes of Wrath.
Cheers, Marilyn