Tuesday, 2 February 2016


I arrived in Oxford mid Sunday afternoon. I took Molly for a long walk. Later in the evening I walked into town and had Sunday ‘lunch’ at The Four Candles. I walked to the top of George Street to the bank for cash. On the way I passed a chap settling down for the night in a door way at the side of the New Theatre. I walked past then thought to ask if he had eaten. “No,” he said. “What would you like?” I asked. “Anything.” “Mackie Dee’s or BK?” “Really I don’t mind.” I left and made my way to BK in Cornmarket (it was closest). I bought a big burger and a tea. Collecting sugar, milk, and sauces on the way out. I went back to the theatre where the lad was ‘snuggled’ down reading a book. I gave him his dinner and poodled off to Sainsbury’s. I tell you this, not for plaudit and praise but as a precursor to the next bit.
Tuesday I was on Botley Bridge taking pictures of the sunken boat and the work being done to raise it. I spent five hours there. It was cold! I chatted to several people, but notably two. An Irish chap who was a rowing coach, and a young father who had bought his son to see the boat. After an hour or two they both went on their way. Later they both returned. The young father came with two cups of tea and gave one to me for which I was very grateful. I was feeling quite smug about this manifestation of ‘karma’ when Irish arrived. “Here,” he said and handed me a bar of chocolate, “You’ll be needing this.” I was feeling a bit peckish and was very appreciative of this kind gesture.

So my gesture last night was repaid by two selfless gestures. Karma, like life, is so cool.

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