Sunday, 27 March 2016

In Braunston……

…….I bought new mooring ropes. One 6ft with spliced ends for a stern rope, one 16ft with spliced ends stern rope, one 28 foot with a splice and a back splice for the bow rope. All 20 mill polypropylene (it floats). I know the norm seems to be 12 or 14 but I have trouble griping string! Last year I bought a new pair of centre lines. So that’s all my ropes changed now. My stern rope has lasted since I bought the boat nearly ten years ago. I have had all the splices sleeved to prevent wear.


My mooring  technique.






Malcolm Thomas said...

Hi Maffi,
Missed you again!
I must have passed you somewhere on the way to Brinklow. I must go to the optician and get a stronger lenses in my specs. I saw No Problem but no sign of Sue and Vic, apparently they were in Coventry. They went voluntarily...they weren't sent! :)

Maffi said...

I went back again but have left. Will be back in a few weeks.