Friday, 4 March 2016

The Glibich

eye4The Glibich is an historical figure which comes from the years around the turn of the millenium, not this last one but the one before. If you are observant you can see them in many places. They appear as old tree trunks covered in Ivy. Sometimes they are hidden by bracken and bramble, but more often can be found near running water. You may miss them sometimes because they blend in they do however become very visible when the snow comes.

DSCF0786This one has been removed or has escaped. These two pictures are are taken a year or two apart. This Glibich a young one is probably 100 or more years old. The Great Glibich is over one thousand years. It was the first one I discovered.20151213_131632So where do they come from? The first Glibich I found ‘The Great Glibich’ was from 1050. He was an immensely powerful wizard from the days when Ethelred was the Unready King of England. Days when the Danish King was making a bid to take over the throne. Unfortunately his court wizard, Varlane, knew that Glibich had learned of the plot and cast a spell rooting him to the spot and so becoming over the millenia what we see today.

glibichLook around see if you can find any.


Quaysider said...

Whatever pills you're taking today... I want some please ;-)

Malcolm Thomas said...

Hmmm...Did you find the first one when you were out trapping Haggis?