Monday, 27 June 2016

More boaters crap

I don’t really understand what is so difficult about the use of litter bins. It is really simple. This bin (pictured below) is for sweet wrappers, cans and bottles like general waste! It is not an industrial disposal unit for boaters to dump piles of crap

Now please take note and take your rubbish to a proper disposal point.



nb Chuffed said...

Maffi, you should find this interesting
As well as paddle-boarding from the Wey to the Lancaster, Lizzie mapped plastic pollution along the waterways and according to another article I read collected rubbish along the way too
best wishes

Frank said...


Is this your most recent post or is there something wrong with my browser?


Maffi said...

Tis I am afraid Frank haven't had a computer for a while it been away getting fixed. Its coming.