Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Computers? PAH!

I started computing 25 years ago. I have in that time had many computers. I started at work with a 286 then progressed to a 386 of my own. This I eventually up graded to a 486 with all the bells and whistles. After I left the RAF I worked abroad where I bought numerous computers for far less than we pay here. What ever the latest CPU was I had it. I bought my first lappy just before I left Saudi to come live on my boat. Since then I have have had several more culminating with this ACER which is number 6. Always I have had a better CPU than before. I can say with some certainty that never, ever have I had a lappy that is as slow as this fecker. From my point of view in 25 years both the computer companies and Microsoft have failed to fix many basic problems with their systems.

I have millions of gigabytes of memory where as I used to have, at the beginning, only 1 meg. But back in this days programmers had to be clever to use 1 meg as efficiently as possible. Today they are spoiled. They are greedy for memory and write with abandon giving no care for the people for whom they write their programs for, US!

Microsoft, as we all know, have consistently failed to produce a product that improves on the failures of previous versions. Instead the new version has many many many problems of it own. What amazes me is we know this and WE STILL KEEP BUYING CRAP!.


Carol said...

Time to buy a Mac Maffi!

Andy Gic said...

I got fed up with Microsoft and now use a Chromebook. Three years old and still boots up in 10 seconds.

KevinTOO said...

I remember the days when very good programs, which never crashed, were written to fit on a 360kB floppy disk. :(
You are so spot on, programmers of today are very, very lazy when writing code!!

Mike Todd said...

The first computer I used was DEUCE in 1962, so there!

Malcolm Thomas said...

Andy's right, Chromebooks are good but you have to be connected to the net to do some things and that doesn't suit everybody.

Linux is the way to go matey. It's not perfect but it's free, stable, more secure than Windows and updated every six months if you want. Been using it for years...love it!

Maffi said...

I have a Linux desk top system. So I should be good once I tidy up the office.